What doctors like you are saying:

This retreat helped me to be open to change and doing things differently. This event will help you optimize yourself and transform the way you do things. I feel more confident and satisfied that I can implement change to achieve my value-based goals. TransforMD helped me put into words my talents that will help with career advancement.
— Dr Candra Bass, Anesthesiologist, Raleigh, NC
This was the most amazing conference for physicians I’ve ever been to.
— Dr Nancy Yen Shipley, Orthopedic Surgeon and Blogger, Portland, OR
This conference was specifically for female MDs and I felt specifically drawn to it. I loved that we were all female physicians from different backgrounds - I learned a lot from everyone, and I felt like I’m not the only one. I was worried about the time away from my daughter... but the benefits are more than worth it.
— Dr Brooke Slaton, Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Parkland, FL
This is the first time in my professional life when I have attended all the sessions. Each provided actionable suggestions that were applicable to my life personally and professionally. Now I have fresh ideas about how I can reach people and become known as a subject matter expert.
— Dr Tiffany Randolph, Cardiologist, Raleigh, NC


My beliefs can be challenged and changed. I can plan steps to work towards my dreams and vision. I can be the architect of my life.
— Dr Katia Stoletniy, Psychiatrist, Loma Linda, CA
This retreat has given me courage to think bigger and believe in myself.
— Dr Amy Garza, Anesthesiologist and Entrepreneur, Amarillo, TX
I had a breakthrough today on how to help endorse my product to fellow physicians.
— Dr Jeannette Gonzalez-Simon, Pediatrician and Owner of Dr Simon's Remedy, Verona, NJ

Even if you think you are doing it all without a hitch, this course will still teach you how to be less stressed & find more joy in what you do. I really appreciated that the group was limited to women physicians. I felt that I was surrounded by women with shared experiences regardless of specialty or current practice. It showed me that I can focus on the professional aspects of my career while simultaneously finding joy and the more spiritual aspects.
— Dr Tifany Somer Shely, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Omaha, NE

The TransforMD program is truly life changing, with a very helpful meditation component that is unique to this program.
— Dr Judi Scott, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Omaha, NE
Good flow with the workshops. One subject flowed into the next. I really enjoyed today!
— Dr Sylvia Jaramillo, Oncologist, Austin, TX
Talking through this stuff with other lady docs in a safe space is HUGE.
— Dr Tonya Walker, Emergency and Occupational Medicine, West Orange, NJ

The guided visualization session made me actually palpably feel how would it be achieving my goals and having freedom. The social media session prompted some thinking, to dig deeper and to acknowledge that today “we” need to be media savvy if we want to grow. I was extremely resistant to this. No longer. This event came into my life just in the right moment... I felt it was part of the synchronicity that has been happening in my life.
— Dr Carolina Osorio, Psychiatrist, Loma Linda, CA

The TransforMD Mastery Retreat felt very tailored to get what you needed as an individual.
— Dr Kari Krenzer, Pediatrician, Omaha, NE
I am inspired by all of the amazing women that I can do whatever I want in my career. This retreat helped me put into words my talents that will help with career advancement. I think it’s important to bring the meditation/inner work piece when it comes to personal and professional growth. This, with actionable steps, leads to lots of change.
— Dr Valerie LeComte, Emergency Medicine, Denver, CO
TransforMD taught me to recognize that my values are at the core of everything I do and to seek opportunities/experiences/relationships that reflect those beliefs.
— Dr Rupel Dedhia, Primary Care Clerkship Director, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

I’m better able to identify fixed thoughts about myself and my situation and recognize that my previously held ideas may not be true. I have decided to make a concerted effort to make sure that I am intentional about how my career goals and plans will impact my family and how to also live a fulfilled family life. TransforMD taught me that you don’t even know what you don’t know. This conference will help you discover your own self sabotage and troubleshoot ways to fix it.
— Dr Tiffany Randolph, Cardiologist, Raleigh, NC