From Family Medicine to Unboxing Expert: Meet Dr Carla Cork

TransforMD: Describe your traditional path in medicine:

Carla: I completed Family Medicine Residency in Lancaster, OH 2013 and began working in rehab medicine in the fall of 2013

TransforMD: What was the turning point or inspiration for you to make a major shift in your career? What are you doing differently now?

Carla: I've always had a love of children. The major turning point for me was seeing many students with bright futures lost or uncertain how to achieve their end goal. Schools are packed and working overtime to facilitate the basics, but there is no one reaching out directly to inspire these students to be bold, be brave, and believe they can really become a physician and change the world they see! I feel I need to use my gift to help guide students to seek and soar the highest heights. I am currently speaking to local area schools, youth groups, youth events, churches, and other organizations to gain awareness of the need for increasing physicians and improving our health through education. I've also written a book titled: Unboxed: A Practical Guide to Turning your Passion into a Career

TransforMD: Did you have doubts or hurdles along the way? What was the biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?

Carla: There are always times when one doubts themselves and wonders if the thoughts in their mind would be viewed as simply ridiculous. However, knowing the greater good and future benefits gained by the teens’ success is drive enough to keep me focused on powering through! Some of the biggest challenges have been getting the school systems on board to recognizing that more than the top 25 or so students possess unleashed potential and should be top priority as well!

TransforMD: Imagine you could travel back in time and give yourself an important piece of advice. What would it be, and when would have been the most important time in life to receive it?

Carla: Traveling back in time to give myself advice would have been crucial in my college years, more specifically between my sophomore and junior years. I would have definitely told myself to travel abroad and take advantage of every opportunity outside of the US to gain more experience and exposure. I would have told my younger self not to be afraid of the unknown and not to talk my self out of something simply because it was "unknown."

TransforMD: How is the TransforMD Mastery Retreat for Women Physicians important to women physicians who are wanting some change but not sure what to do or how to do it.

Carla: Don't wait until you feel everything is perfect! Take the leap of faith now and work toward your forever happiness and freedom! Any woman physician who ever wanted to second guess or doubt her effectiveness or success should attend!

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