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Q: There are so many Women In Medicine conferences out there. What makes TransforMD unique?

A: We are so excited about how many different options there are for women physicians’ professional development! We feel that the TransforMD Mastery Retreat is unique in 2 main ways: first, our entire agenda is podium-free and interactive, so that each participant will leave with an action plan ALREADY IN PLACE. Second, each participant will receive instruction in Conscious Health Meditation, and by the end of the Mastery Retreat, they will be self-sufficient meditators! Meditation is a high-performance tool that will help each woman get out of survival mode and tap into their intuition, which will complement all of the amazing workshops on the agenda. Watch this Facebook video for more details on the unique experience you will have at TransforMD.


Q: What is the day-to-day agenda of the mastery retreat? 

A: Here is a link to our full agenda (2020 version coming soon)! The TransforMD Mastery Retreat is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to provide a transformational experience for each participant, with each day's interactive workshops and sessions building upon previous days' material. We strongly suggest that participants attend all of the sessions to allow for maximal benefit and growth from the program. We have also built in lots of time for massages, meditation, yoga, and enjoying the beautiful resort! 


Q: Does the TransforMD Mastery Retreat offer CME credit? And is it tax deductible?

A: We have exciting news! We will be offering type 1 CME credit this year! You may also choose to claim type 2 CME credits if you feel the mastery retreat contributed to your professional development (we think it will!). Each participant will receive a certificate of completion, and it will be up to each woman to decide whether she submits the credits. The mastery retreat is professional development and qualifies for a tax deduction, but the amount depends on several factors. If you are looking to open a new/side business, the TransforMD mastery retreat may have additional tax benefits. Bottom line: discuss with your tax professional! 


Q: Is the TransforMD Mastery Retreat only for women looking to leave medicine?

A: No. While we certainly can help doctors with nonclinical or entrepreneurial goals, we can also help you accelerate career success in your academic or clinical practice.  We'll create a roadmap to help you get wherever you want to go, and faster.  Academic promotion requires strategic activities (including the right kind of networking and sponsorship) - we'll cover that.  Growth of your practice, pivoting to industry, or launching a new business requires a different kind of branding and digital/social media savvy - we'll cover that.  No matter how you define success, we'll set you up so that the right opportunities come to you. 


Q: Why is comprehensive meditation instruction included as part of the TransforMD Agenda?

A: Conscious Health Meditation follows principles that have been used for hundreds of years to reduce stress, enhance resilience and problem solving abilities, and support high performance.  This practice is easy, effortless, comfortable, and a key element of meaningful and lasting change. We don't practice meditation to get good at meditation.  We use meditation to get great at life! 


Q: I'm intimidated by meditation- I feel like my mind is too busy to meditate. Will I be able to learn to meditate on the retreat?

A: At the TransforMD Mastery Retreat, we will teach you a meditation practice that allows you to sit comfortably, and we use our thoughts as an essential part of the technique, rather than something we try to get rid of. The mind has thoughts, just like the heart beats! We all have monkey minds. Why not use that to your meditation advantage? We’ll show you exactly how. 


Q: Is the TransforMD Conference all about burnout? 

A: Certainly there is an abundance of burnout among women physicians today.   If burnout is holding you back, we can help.  But you don't have to be burned out to benefit from this experience, which is designed to give you a personalized plan to fast-track the career and life advancements you want.  Some attendees aren't burned out at all - they are simply stuck on a professional plateau and need tools to break through to the next level.  Some attendees are disillusioned, overwhelmed, and burned out.  TransforMD will help you get clarity on exactly what needs to change in your life to move to towards the success you've dreamed of but aren't living.


Q: I've heard a lot about the stress reaction how it affects my performance at work. Can meditation help me get out of survival mode? 

A: When we are constantly in fight-or-flight mode, we don't have the wherewithal to strategize or see the big picture; we are just trying to get through each day. Meditation breaks the cycle of feeling like we are always on the verge of a stress reaction, and allows us to focus our energy on growth, expansion and following our intuition.