Who are we?

We are YOU.    

Women physicians on high-achieving paths, but wanting more from life.

We traded "traditional" for something better. 

We can help you create meaningful change to get the life you deserve. 


About Us

Hi there!  Let us introduce ourselves - Jill Wener and Marjorie Stiegler.  We met in medical school  in 1999 at Emory University.  As anatomy lab teammates, we spent a lot of time together (you know how that is!) and developed a strong bond which has continued to grow over the years.   Jill pursued Internal Medicine at University of Washington and then Rush, while Marjorie became an Anesthesiologist at MGH, UCLA, and then UNC Chapel Hill.   At different times and in different ways, we each experienced life events that made us pause.  What were we doing, and why were we were doing it?   We each made major changes and learned powerful lessons.  Today, we are each living examples of how following your own truth can lead to unexpected and unique opportunities to impact the world around you.  You can do the same.  We are here to help. 

We look forward to guiding you through your transformational journey.

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Marjorie Stiegler, MD

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Marjorie trained at Harvard at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and went on to a faculty position at UCLA where she also completed a fellowship in medical education.   A seasoned speaker, she has presented around the globe (even with 2 Nobel laureates!) on behavioral science, leadership, and career acceleration.

She's had a 10+ year academic career, and has had success in a variety of nonclinical ventures as well in consulting, business start-ups, keynote speaking, and in industry. An entrepreneur at heart, she founded an apparel company in 2007 which is still thriving today.  She developed expertise in digital marketing, and was an early adopter of social media in healthcare.  Today, she is well known as physician leader on social media, and is a digital strategy and branding consultant for healthcare professionals and organizations.  

Marjorie continues to serve patients as a practicing anesthesiologist, and also serves her specialty as an Examiner for American Board of Anesthesiology, a Director for the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, and on the faculty at UNC. She is also a Medical Director for a leading pharmaceutical company. 

Drawing from this broad personal experience and more formal training, Marjorie coaches physicians interested in nonclinical or nontraditional medical careers. 

You can connect with Marjorie on TwitterFacebook, and at www.marjoriestieglermd.com

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Jill Wener, MD

Jill practiced hospital-based Internal Medicine in Chicago, IL, for 10 years. She learned Conscious Health Meditation during a period of profound burnout in 2011, which she credits to changing her ability to manage stress, regain compassion and empathy for her patients, and maximize her creativity and productivity as an academic. Through her meditation practice, she also realized the epidemic impact of stress on the emotional and physical health of her colleagues, trainees, and patients.

After serving as the Director of Faculty Development for Rush University School of Medicine and the Director of Education for the Division of Hospital Medicine, Jill realized her true calling: to become a Conscious Health Meditation teacher and lead the charge to change the culture in medicine around health and wellness. In 2015, she put her clinical practice on hold in order to teach Conscious Health Meditation full-time. She completed her 3-month teacher training in India in early 2016, and she is now based in Atlanta.

In addition to teaching Conscious Health Meditation internationally, Jill founded a unique medical coaching practice to help clients with stress-related illness. Jill has presented nationally on meditation and the physiology of stress. She has received tremendous personal benefits from her own meditation practice, and finds joy sharing her passion with others. 

You can connect with Jill at www.JillWener.com, and on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram


Special guest speaker Nicole Peoples, DO

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Dr. Nicole Peoples is a double board-certified physician in internal medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine and a certified functional medicine practitioner. Her passion has always been in enhancing the body's ability to achieve and maintain optimal health with age; however, she found it increasingly difficult to adequately influence the lifestyle behaviors of her patients that were leading to illness under the constraints of modern medical practice. 

In 2018, she developed an online functional medicine practice to provide patients with the knowledge are resources to begin changing their life through functional medicine. Nicole is also a hospitalist and assistant professor at Emory University Saint Joseph Hospital in Atlanta, GA. She is married and a mother of 3 with interest in yoga, classical dance, gardening and social justice.

You can connect with Nicole at www.DrNicolePeoples.com, and on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram


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