transformational redesign of your values, goals, and purpose as a female physician

transformational redesign of your life

as a female physician

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Transformational redesign of your life as a female physician

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“I am not alone in all of this uncertainty about my life.”
-TransforMD 2019 Attendee

Are you feeling blah, overwhelmed, or depressed about your medical career?

Do you struggle with stress, burnout, work-life balance, or a sense of feeling trapped in your career?

Do you feel fearful about taking a leap? Do you doubt about whether you are qualified to do anything else?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, look no further:

TransforMD Mastery Experiences- both our Mastery Retreat and our Online Group Program- will guide you through a transformational redesign of your life, inside and out. Experience deeply meaningful discovery and clarity about the woman you really are, combined with powerful strategies and coaching to implement real change and achieve true alignment with your unique values, goals, and purpose.  For women physicians, both MDs and DOs, looking for more. 

Join us January 8-12, 2020, and be TransforMD. 

TransforMD is a #PodiumFreeZone - no huge auditoriums or lectures that leave you wondering what to actually do with the information. Our programs are intimate in size, intensive in work, and personalized in attention. We will coach and support you directly, so you leave not only refreshed and inspired, but empowered with an implementation plan for meaningful and lasting change. Finally, achieve true success on your own terms.

It's time to be

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